Attunement (literally “At One With”) is a high spiritual technology that is perceived and known by the right use of our human consciousness.  It provides a paradigm shift from the consciousness of the Divine as “somewhere outside of me” to “I AM a Creator”.  And in that shift are found the answers to the age-old questions, “Who am I?” and “Why am I here?”.

Each one of us has a specific range of Attunement service in the world. Everything that is done throughout our life contributes to a fabric that is in and around us, “the evidence of the presence of the One who dwells.” From this energy field emanates an atmosphere that carries with it a consciousness of primary wisdom that focuses “our personal gift” to humankind. As we approach spiritual maturity a deep pool of truth abides within us and holds the unique individual and collective legacy of Being.

I welcome you to join me here as I post articles I have written over many years of Attunement consciousness as well as new thoughts and awareness as they arise in me.

One of my primary areas of interest is the role the endocrine system plays in the radiation of Being.  There are subtle and wonderful essences to these seven primary portals of Spirit, and you will find that many of my articles express my awareness of some aspect of this Angelic system.  I also have a personal love and passion for Long Distance Attunement work.  And, as a large part of my life has been spent in the field of medical nutrition, you will find insights in my writings that have to do with nutrition and  the role it plays in maintaining our physical capacities.

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Attunement Blessings,